1.a) The 5hills is an extreme sport event in which only persons over 18 years of age may participate;

1.b) By registering, paying the entry fee, entering the race and receiving his/her ID chip, each participant declares that:

(a) has the required knowledge of the race and confirms that he/she is physically and mentally fit to participate in the race, does not suffer from any serious illness or serious disease and acknowledges the organiser’s recommendation to undergo an individual medical examination prior to the race;

b) is aware that the race organiser is only responsible for the permission to use the competition site, in particular for the starting point, the finish, the MARKED ROUTES, but is not responsible and does not give any guarantee for the condition of the routes, their function or for the specific conditions of the competition due to e.g. weather or alpine peculiarities. If it is necessary to use a public road, surface road or other traffic area during the race, the participant acknowledges that the rules of the road must be observed on such roads;

(c) is aware of the consequences associated with his/her participation in the race, which he/she is taking part in at his/her own risk and responsibility. In particular, he/she is aware that he/she is not entitled to claim any financial compensation from the organiser or to make any other claim in the event of any injury or other damage sustained in connection with his/her participation in the race. The Organiser shall not be liable for the health and life of the competitor during the entire sporting event, nor during any training and accompanying events;

d) acknowledge that the organiser accepts no responsibility for items left behind during the competition;

e) has been thoroughly instructed in the conduct of the competition and other associated dangers;

f) has been informed of the rules of the competition and is aware of the safety, fair-play and other conditions of the competition;

g) agrees that his/her participation and sporting performance in the competition shall be audio-visually recorded by the organiser or a person authorised by the organiser, provided that the participant grants permission to the organiser of the competition for the audio-visual recordings or photographs made before, during and after the 5hills sporting competition to be used by the organiser or a third party appointed by the organiser in any of the ways specified in section 12(4) of the Copyright Act for the purpose of presenting the competition, without any claim for remuneration by the participant;

h) acknowledges that no person shall take photographs, video camera footage or otherwise record the course of the sporting event before, during or after the event without the prior consent of the organiser and proper accreditation, except for the purpose of making recordings for his/her own use and purposes;

(i) agree to comply with branding in the places designated by the organiser or within their person, sporting equipment and accessories. The overlapping of the organiser’s advertising signs is prohibited;

j) agrees that his/her email address used during registration will be used when sending out instructions and information about the event or after the event. This email address will not be passed on to any third party;

1.c) the competitor must comply with the basic rules for visitors to the Slavkovský les Protected Landscape Area (Slavkov Protected Landscape Area), which are listed in § 26 of Act 114/92 Coll. on the Protection of Nature and Landscape and respect the prohibitions that apply in the reserves according to § 29 (NPR) and 34 (PR) – EXCEPTION OF THESE RULES;

1.d) The competitor is obliged to provide first aid to an injured competitor;

1.e) the competitor must comply with the standard rules of fair-play;

1.f) only competitors who meet the rules of the race without reservation, are in good health, and are not under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances may enter the race. The organiser reserves the right to refuse to allow to start or to stop any competitor who shows excessive signs of fatigue or exhaustion and whose health may be endangered in a fundamental way;

1.g) only competitors registered on the official race website www.extemrun5hills.cz , who have duly paid the entry fee and are identified by the 5hills race identifiers, i.e. a registered ID chip with a coloured wristband, a race number on their backpack or outer garment (always visible), may enter the race;

1.h) all participants of the Extemrun5hills 2022 race are insured through the “amateur membership” in the CAES under the basic (accident) athlete’s insurance for the organized sport events “hiking in easy terrain up to 3000 m above sea level”, “mountain running”, “challenging hiking in mountain terrain up to 5000 m above sea level”, which the organizers have prepared in cooperation with the CAES;

Amateur membership in the CAES is created by registering a competitor for the race, it is for all competitors without distinction. Competitors do not pay any membership fees to the CAES – these are paid by the organizer.

A competitor who expressly does not wish to and does not agree to the insurance offered through the “amateur membership” shall send the information “I DO NOT AGREE TO AMATEUR MEMBERSHIP AT CAES” to the registration department in reply to the confirmation e-mail.

1.i) The competitor acknowledges the organizers’ recommendation to take out his/her own accident insurance (preferably with his/her own insurance company);

2. RACE TEAMS – CATEGORIES (see Proposition point 7)


All members of the race team must be present in person at the accreditation for the race. During this accreditation, a face to face check is carried out, each competitor has an ID band with a number attached to their hand by the organiser.

It is NOT POSSIBLE to accredit a team without one of its members being present at the time. No exceptions will be granted and the organizers will not respond to pleas or pressure from competitors requesting an exception on race day.

3.a) Competitors will be given the following during race accreditation:

a) ID chip (electronic measuring device), which will be an integral part of the ID band – wristband. Each team member will be loaned a chip device for electronic measurement at accreditation. A deposit of 100 CZK per chip will be collected at accreditation. The deposit will be refunded after the chip has been handed in;

b) start number (to be kept by the competitors);

3.b) the competitor is responsible for not damaging the ID band and ID chip. In the event of damage or tearing of the chip strip, this must be addressed immediately at the next control with the organiser, otherwise the whole team risks disqualification, loss of the ID chip means disqualification of the team;


4.a) start – Vojtanov municipal office 18.06.2022 6:00 a.m.

4.b) the start will take place by activating the chip on the measuring device located in the start corridor in front of the Vojtanov Municipal Office;

4.c) the finish – the finishing time gate, i.e. the limit for finishing the race, is at the highest point of Lesny 983 m above sea level. That is after 18 hours from the mass start;

We ask participants who plan to run the race at a faster pace (under 16 hours) to take part in the mass start. This is due to organizational issues at the checkpoints – avoiding waiting for the checkpoint opening and timing.

At the group start you will experience a great atmosphere and compete with others in more level conditions.


5.a) The team/individual starts on foot from the starting point, they must reach the finish via the control peaks within the set time limit of 30 hours for pairs and singles! The team/individual must use only their own physical and mental strength to advance and mutual assistance only within their own team;

5.b) the 5hills route is the same for individuals and pairs and leads over the main peaks of the western tip of the Czech Republic and partly of the Federal Republic of Germany. The peaks are ranked as follows: Kapellenberg 765 m above sea level, Háj Aš 758 m above sea level, Zelená hora Bismarck 637 m above sea level, Dyleň 940 m above sea level, peak Lesný 983 m above sea level, where is also the finish of the race (all in the map and route);

5.c) Individuals and pairs follow hiking trails and paved forest roads according to the fixed and marked 5hills route; they may use any map, a buzzer, a compass or GPS navigation to navigate;

5.d) Individuals and teams must not accept any assistance outside the designated areas. The designated area for team support is always the checkpoints at the individual race summits. ANY assistance to a team or one of the team members outside the designated area is punishable by disqualification of the entire team. The only exception is when it is necessary to provide FIRST AID to a competitor;

5.e) each competitor has the use of refreshment stations during the race;

5.f) each competitor/team member must carry the mandatory participant equipment and visibly display the bib number throughout the race. The organiser reserves the right to random and covert checks during the race. Absence or incompleteness of mandatory equipment means disqualification of the whole team;

5.g) it is forbidden to use a foreign object (car, motorcycle, tractor, bicycle, skateboard, skateboard, riding horse, donkey, mule, mule, and other means of transport);


6.a) All teams and individuals must pass through all checkpoints on the 5hills course with electronic scanning equipment, whereby:

(a) the first time a competitor’s chip is picked up by the measuring device is considered a valid measurement of the competitor’s chip (if a competitor has their chip measured repeatedly, only their first measurement will count towards the results). A valid measurement is confirmed by a green light accompanied by an acoustic signal – it is up to the competitors to check the chip reading at the measuring control by sight (green light bulb on) and hearing (beep). In case of doubt, the process of recording the chip can be repeated;

b) the time of the whole team is always taken into account for the determination of the ranking in the results list, which is determined by the time of the last member of the team to pass the check;

6.b) the organiser reserves the right to interrupt or terminate the race early at any time (to respond to unforeseen situations to ensure the safety of all competitors – sudden violent change in weather, storm, gale, windstorm, lightning, beast attack, etc.). In such an event, competitors will be notified at the refreshment stations and competitors will be stopped in the race;

6.c) Individuals and teams that fail to pass the checkpoint within the time limit of the time gate shall be required to stop participating in the race;


Each competitor in a team must carry:

a charged and working phone in a waterproof case at the start of the race (phones cannot be charged during the race, e.g. at refreshment stations)
spare headlamp 1 piece per person!  (each competitor must have 2 headlamps)
own cup or wide-mouth bottle
NRC alufolie to prevent hypothermia
Trash bag – trash cans will be at checkpoints only
ID (OP, driving licence) and ideally a health insurance card
respirator (Required for passage through the start, timing stations, refreshment stations and finish area.)
It is recommended to bring multiple pieces!


The organizers’ recommended equipment for the competitor is:

Vaseline and spare socks
an installed Ambulance app (http://www.zachrankaapp.cz) You can call the Ambulance Service and Mountain Rescue Service at the touch of a button. Send your location and other important information
quality replacement batteries for headlamps
blister plasters (preferably more) and an elastic bandage
cash for food and possible taxi
power bank and charging cable
knee socks (not socks) – to protect your calves and feet from minor injuries from rocks and branches


9.a) a protest against the results of the 5hills can be lodged at any time during the race and then on Saturday before 23:00 to the Chief Referee by phone or email info@extemrun5hills.cz, ideally with photo/video documentation (in case of rule violations by the competitors)