The first edition of the Extrem5hills ultra-trail running race will take place in 2022. The shape of the running route is not as new as it might seem. Many years ago this route was already ridden on bicycles by members of the Habartov – Haberspirk velocipede club.

Their ingenious idea to ride the western tip of the Czech Republic along the peaks of Egerland was born after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Looking at old military and tourist maps, planning and above all the great enthusiasm of the cyclists bore fruit in the form of a route through the beauty of Egerland.  The original route was many kilometres longer than the current form of this extreme cross-country race, but the basics have been preserved and you won’t miss the magnificent panoramas from the five peaks of the Egerland. 

We hope that you will enjoy the shape of this race and that it will be indelibly etched in your memory thanks to the extraordinary experience.


The ambassador and face of the race is Jan Venca Francke, an extreme ultramarathoner with three participations in the Yukon Ultra Trail and also the most extreme Iditarod race.

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91 kilometres with an elevation gain of 2174 metres in the westernmost tip of the Czech Republic. The race route will be partly on paved asphalt roads, cycling trails and forest terrain. The route marking will be specified according to the requirements and permissions of the Forests of the Czech Republic and the Slavkovský les Protected Landscape Area.